Smooth and Silky Lady Shaver


Improved Cutting Performance

The combination of an intercept trimmer with the foil ensures every hair is captured, no matter its length, helping you to enjoy a quicker and more successful shaving experience.

Aloe Vera Moisturising Strip Cares For Your Skin

Frequent shaving can leave your skin feeling dry. The Smooth and Silky Lady Shaver has a built-in moisturising strip with added aloe vera, which helps protect your skin and keep it feeling soft and cared for.

More Information

  • Battery operated lady shaver
  • Improved cutting performance with double-sided intercept trimmer and single foil*
  • Moisturising strip with added aloe vera for a gentle shave
  • Showerproof - use dry or in the bath or shower
  • Anti-slip grip for comfort and control
  • Bikini trimming attachment comb
  • Battery Operated (2x AAA Included)
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Beauty Bag
  • 2+1 year guarantee

*compared to previous modelAchieve super-soft, hair-free skin with the Remington

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